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Stay connected with potential patients and caregivers. Caregivers can also connect with each other to get support, education and grow their personal caregiver network
Caregivers can network and connect with home care agencies to get hired.
Patients, homecare providers, paid and unpaid caregivers, as well as anyone who wants to contribute to the in-home care industry can post content on our news feed. Comment, like and share!
Caregivers and potential patients can instantly connect with home care agencies via instant messaging. Keep you phone number discreet and make those instant connections that matter
Here is why CareAsOne is trusted by the top home care companies and caregivers
throughout the nation

We have been feeling the sting of recruiting Caregivers and traditional methods of Job Search Engines were not getting us enough "Qualified Caregiver Candidates". CareAsOne has been exceptional in sending to us 32 qualified candidates in the last 30 days. Our time is valuable to the success of our business. Recruiting Caregivers is a full time job. Knowing that the laborious task of discovering "Qualified Caregivers" is being carried out daily by CareAsOne is saving our company valuable time and money. Without highly skilled caregivers our company cannot meet the needs of our clients desire to remain independent in their own homes.

- Mark Turnbull ComforCare Portland

CareAsOne is one of the best investments I’ve made in my In-Home Care business. Well worth the money and unmatched in its proficiency in targeting Caregivers/CNAs and providing qualified applicants. Because they only provide CNA and Caregiver applicants, I don’t have to sort through Baristas and Hairdressers when I need qualified caregivers. My best hires and longest-standing Caregivers come from CareAsOne. CareAsOne is a company to watch as it continues to add innovative technologies and processes to help my business grow.

- Chris Slagle Right At Home Phoenix

I have been using CareAsOne for about a month to hire CNAs and HCA's and have been really happy with our experience so far. The platform is very easy to use and we have been matched with many qualified candidates. This platform has saved me lots of time and has been well worth the investment.

-Kaitlin Mcguire Always Best Care Seattle

Really love CareAsOne's mobile app, it is very user friendly. A lady at my age of 64, I must say, I love it. The Rep I spoke with Joshua or John, walked me through step by step which was very simple. I told 2 of my friends, who were looking for a caregiver position and both got job offers .

-Naz Biran, Caregiver

I got hired with a company called Comfi-Kare in May and I’m still with them. CareAsOne was very easy to use and I got hired by a great company. I love the network and ability to connect with caregivers and a newsfeed, I love it. I will always be using CareAsOne and have told all my friends about the app.

-Tracy Fongbo,Caregiver
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