Hospice RN Case Manager

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Experience 1 year
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Post Date March 31, 2021
Job SKills
  • hospice


Job Description


A Registered Professional Nurse who, operating within the framework of the mission and philosophy of
Hospice, delivers nursing care to patients. She/he utilizes the nursing process in a holistic approach to identify complex patients’ needs and to develop and implement creative strategies for meeting these needs. Demonstrates initiative in applying sound principles of management in planning, organizing, and delivering care. Provides care directly, supervises others, and serves as the manager of the interdisciplinary team. Collaborates and communicates with all members of the interdisciplinary team.
Participates actively in meeting the goals and objectives of the hospice organization. Performs and documents care adhering to the professional, hospice, regulatory body, and nursing standards.
Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to her/his own professional growth.


Clinical Competency
 Verbalizes knowledge of hospice and palliative care Nursing. Differentiates Hospice from acute care nursing as noted by verbal report during IDT meeting, and implementation of interventions supporting the hospice plan of care.

 Utilizes the Nursing Process in a holistic approach to identify complex needs and to develop and implement creative strategies for meeting those needs. Interventions and measurable outcomes are based on a thorough assessment of the patient, caregiver, and family.

 Adjusts plan of care in response to the changes presented by patient, caregiver, family, or interdisciplinary team in a timely manner . Reevaluates the response to those changes by examining symptom improvement and patient, caregiver, or family verbal and nonverbal responses.

 Recognizes, reports, and documents signs and symptoms of decline.
 Documents data relative to complex or sensitive psychosocial, medical-legal, physiological states.
 Develops, implements, and evaluates teaching plan. Incorporates teaching plan into daily care and documents.
 Performs care adhering to the professional standards of practice and hospice standards of care.

Adherence to Policies and Procedures
 Adheres to Hospice Policies and Procedures. References manual when not familiar with policies and procedures. Clarifies with manager deviation from stated policies and procedures, informs manager of alterations or errors in carrying out policies and procedures

 Assists in developing or revising policies and procedures as requested.
 Participates in audit process as requested to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

Leadership and Management
 Utilizes sound principles of management in planning, organizing, and delivering care using an interdisciplinary approach involving the patient, caregiver, and family as well as members of the interdisciplinary team.

 Demonstrates fiscal responsibility by demonstrating appropriate resource utilization for meeting patient care needs.

 Contributes to a working environment that encourages collaboration and communication between all members of the interdisciplinary team.

Colorado Palliative & Hospice Care Job Description – RN/Case Manager Revision: 05012018
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Job Description

 Directs and supervises the implementation of patient care delivered by the hospice aid. Gives recognition for a “job well done”. Clarifies aspects of the care plan for others as needed. Seeks input from others regarding effectiveness of plan of care.

 Demonstrates accountability for own decisions and actions.

Communication and interpersonal relationship Skills

 Maintains a friendly yet professional demeanor when interacting with the patient, caregiver, and family, as well as, with members of the interdisciplinary team and office support staff.

 Respects the professional boundaries of communicating personal information with patient and caregiver.

 Utilizes effective communication skills both verbal and nonverbal with the patient/family.
 Serves as patient/family advocate.
 Initiates and documents follow-up to patient/family needs.
 Pursues job with enthusiasm and positive approach.
 Utilizes courteous and standardized approaches to phone communication.
 Maintains confidentiality of privileged information and supports the patient’s rights to privacy.
 Orients new personnel to their role as a hospice nurse or hospice aid when asked by manager.
 Acts as a resource person to other staff members as needed.
 Utilizes appropriate supervisory and resource persons for problem-solving and identifying specific team needs.
 Utilizes guidelines governing documentation and the development of Individualized Plans of Care for assigned patients.
 Transcribes physician orders accurately and seeks clarification as needed.
 Gives concise, orderly and thorough patient report at IDT Meeting.
 Gives concise, orderly and thorough patient report to other staff members caring for the patient weekly and as patient’s plan of care changes.
 Updates attending physician following hospice organization guidelines regarding patient’s current plan of care a minimum of every 14 days and whenever a change in patient condition or need occurs.

 Gives Clinical Director a concise, orderly and thorough patient report weekly and as patient’s plan of care changes.

 Assures the coordination of care to a hospice patient admitted to Skilled Nursing Facility by giving the charge nurse a concise, orderly, and thorough patient report before leaving the unit, requesting changes in orders as needed and assuring the coordination of the plan of care.

Continuing Education

 Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to her/his own professional growth by identifying and describing own learning needs.

 Displays ongoing, expanding knowledge with evidence of reading current literature. Displays growth in knowledge and skill required to manage complex patient/family situations and current knowledge base related to aspects of palliative care, death and dying, and hospice nursing care.

 Maintains a knowledge base and skill level to identify and meet needs for emergency nursing measures with equipment and medication administration following the hospice and palliative care philosophy.

 Maintains technical skill level appropriate for specialty area of practice. Seeks assistance when appropriate.

 Attends hospice based education programs, including mandatory and required in-service programs.

Colorado Palliative & Hospice Care Job Description – RN/Case Manager Revision: 05012018
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Job Description

 Acquires 15 contact hours per year in continuing education programs.

Hours Worked

 Hours worked are based on the assigned patients’ needs.
 On Call duties for weekday evening and night and weekend days, evenings, and nights are based on the rotation established by the clinical director.


 Clinical Director


 Graduate of an accredited school of nursing

Licensure & Qualifications

 License has no encumbrance
 Valid driver’s license
 Current automobile insurance
 Reliable vehicle

Qualifications and Skills:

  • hospice
  • case manager
  • registered nurse