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  • Scottsdale , Carefree , Cave Creek , Phoenix , Rio Verde | Arizona
Schedule Full-and-Part-Time
Job type hourly
Experience 1-3 Years
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Post Date July 20, 2022
Job SKills
  • First Aid


Come hear our Hospitality Homecare Companion and Caregiver Stories, as to WHY they chose to work for THE PERFECT COMPANION and WHY WE HAVE RETAINED A MAJORITY OF COMPANION/CAREGIVERS FOR OVER EIGHT YEARS ! ! ! WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WORK ANYWHERE ELSE ? At THE PERFECT COMPANION we always STRESS the VALUE of the MUTUALITY of the RELATIONSHIP. The Perfect Companion offers the highest quality of non-medical homecare services to seniors/older adults. Our environment is more entrepreneurial than most since we are a boutique firm, not a national franchise. We care about good health, happiness and enriching every life we touch. WE WORK AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE, INTERESTS & SKILLSETS! Do you work incredibly well with everyone around you? Do you truly enjoy learning, solving, helping enrich lives, staying organized, and making a difference?! APPLY TO BE A PROFESSIONAL CAREGIVER We hire four major types of lovable and first-class care specialists: Do one or more of these caregiver types sound like you? Companions who are energetic, tidy, organized, courteous, mechanically inclined, good cooks, and safe, competent drivers. Outstanding companions that make a positive difference and are craved. Safe, well-organized, clean, highly reliable, courteous and patient drivers who provide a variety of types of transportation. Even able to add value to the outings and whose participation is craved. Astute and accomplished business person with sourcing and negotiation skills, management skills and desire to stay active in the community physically or in the arts. Someone who can hold stimulating conversations, an appreciative listener and maybe even able to paint or tickle the ivories. Compassionate lover of people and pets, and able to keep everyone happy, well-fed, clean, healthy, loved, very safe, mobile and active. Maybe even clinically trained and someone who can pay close attention and notice small things that can help avert injuries or emergencies. Our team is devoted to making a difference in people’s lives, every day. We care about good health, happiness and enriching every life we touch. Do you work incredibly well with people, stay organized, happy and reliable? Do you truly enjoy continuously learning, solving, anticipating and serving needs, causing smiles everywhere you go, and turning challenges into hero moments?! It’s common for the entire family and medical care providers to be involved with the older adult or married couple we are caring for. You must enjoy learning the key contacts and naturally operate calmly, gracefully and effectively in the dynamic. Their lives and potential journeys through tough times are supposed to be much better because you are involved and navigating through it all as a delightful advocate! ✓ MAJOR PLUS IF YOU HAVE CLINICAL EXPERTISE! ✓ Must be an outstanding organizer, communicator, coordinator, a graceful solver and delightful at all times (and know when to step away and cry or vent to our clinical support team)! ✓ You must be trust-worthy and you are required to exercise the utmost discretion and not gossip or mention any personal details about our clients to friends, family or socially (must sign and abide by privacy agreements). ✓ Since we are the chosen provider for some of the most impressive luxury senior living facilities in the state of Arizona, you must learn and always abide by their rules, and help us maintain our solid relationships. You must remain familiar with our key contacts, and keep everything well documented and updated, and offer service and solutions to levels that continuously impress them and reinforce their loyalty to us. ✓ Same holds true for industry specialists who refer us clients to care for. ✓ You must be someone who is not afraid to pick up the phone or ask for help or clarification on important topics so you can stay reliable and uphold our commitments to safety, reliability, health and happiness. ✓ Our TPC client services coordinators in the field are often texting, emailing and calling you with quick updates and request. They are often out driving from one commitment to the next, and they need to rely on you to take the issue or need and run with it to its best conclusion…and to keep everything organized. ✓ There are occasional needs for you to run and save the day when it’s ever needed, and we appreciate your willingness to jump in and save the day if you ever can! With all this said, you must see the value in being someone who naturally gravitates toward staying impeccably well-organized, keeping EVERYTHING well documented AND keeping everyone very happy and served. We are known for and specialize in pairing the particular personalities, interests, goals, special needs and requests of our clients with the personalities and expertise of our caregivers. You will be the main point of contact coordinating our service commitments in harmony with our back office scheduling coordinators. It is your responsibility to perform in a fashion that reinforces the mission, vision and goals of our President, and to help maintain our exceptional reputation in the senior care services market through your critical thinking skills, organizational skills, your infectious positivity, reliably good health, magnetism, teamwork orientation and your calm demeanor.'

Qualifications and Skills:

  • First Aid
  • Fingerprint card
  • Covid Vaccine
  • Covid Testing
  • Background Check
  • Drug screening
  • Automobile insurance